Energy Lines

Energy Lines



This post explores the outcomes produced with the experimentation of the energy-drawing-machine.I decided to explore the posibilites of the device with different types of papers and different types of pens. Moreover, my objective was also experiment with the amounts of energy applied to the device. I wanted to investigate if the intensity or strength of the movements could -or could not- generate different outcomes.

First I started exploring the results produced in a white and thin paper using fine pens. I initiated with black and then explored other colors. The result was pretty clear: very fine and sensitive traces that evidenced every move of the machine. The variations of the intensity made jump the pen from one side to the other affecting the direction and continuity of the traces.

For the second steep of the research, I decided to use a thicker marker pen on a beige cardboard and the result was very interesting. Instead of generating very thin and clear lines, this time, the lines were thicker and not as precise as in the first experimentation. The quality and quantity of ink injected by the pen generated a different effect to. With this marker, is was more evident and clear to see when the lines were produced by slow movements or fast ones..



For the las stage of this experimentation with the machine, I decided to explore the results of a different marker. I wanted to explore the result produced by a bullet nib marker. The color chosen was gold, and I decided to explore the results over two different color surfaces: white and black.

The results were very interesting too. Because of the characteristics of the marker and in contraposition with the last ones, with this marker was more difficult to appreciate when more or less energy was applied to the device. At this stage I also explored changing the position of the machine and the papero with the objective to cover all the A2-size cardboards.

After exploring the different outcomes and possibilities to develop content with the energy-drawing-machine, I decided to explore diverse methods to process that content. On one hand I photographed the cardboards with a photo camera. But by scanning and generating movements on the paper while the scan process was taking place, produced very appealing results.

The distortion generated in the scanned images, where happening in two different layers: color distortion and movement distortion. Image distortion it is not something new and it has been an artistic resource for more than 40 years. However, I found exiting how I could generate a distortions with my movements (my energy) on the same content i produced using the same energy.



I decided to use some of these images as photo-covers for my materials presented for the Untt 2 submission for my MA in Graphic design communication.